Max Lattwesen is a german singer-songwriter with songs like Destiny and Without You. He composes, writes, sings and produces his music.

At the age of 17 Max Lattwesen released his debut CD. Destiny is his first song that has been available worldwide since November 11, 2020. This song is characterized by Max's clear voice and nothing more than an authentic, subtle piano that accompanies his singing. Exactly a year earlier, this song was a birthday present for the girl who is now his girlfriend. During this time of music production and constantly improved versions, both Destiny and Max Lattwesen's musical abilities developed significantly.

Maximilian Lattwesen was born on November 3rd, 2003 in Gehrden (Germany) as the son of the hobby musician Achim Lattwesen and Simone Lattwesen. His sister Luisa Marie Lattwesen was born in 2011. He grew up musically in the Lower Saxon town of Rodenberg and thus gained an enthusiasm for music.
He has been taking piano lessons since he was 4 years old. At the age of 6 he learned to play the drums. He recorded his first songs when he was 11, back then as a-cappella.

Max attended the Julius-Rodenberg school and currently the Bad Nenndorf grammar school, where he is learning the foreign languages ​​English, French and Spanish.
For a French climate song, Max, his girlfriend Josephine Bornemann and Anna Behet were awarded nationwide top prizes at the 43rd European Competition.

On December 31, 2020, Max Lattwesen released Without You, a radio-rich pop song in which he sings about his life before he met his girlfriend and how she changed him. This song is characterized by the catchy piano accompaniment, a defined bass and typical radio drums. Compared to the debut single Destiny, Lattwesen uses his voice quieter and more breathy.

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"Destiny" is out now!

It's a song about the girl MAX LATTWESEN fell in love with and who is his girlfriend now.


MAX LATTWESEN: “It's finally out! My first song I've written more than a year ago for the love of my life who is now my girlfriend. I'm so graceful! One year ago I gave her this song as a birthday gift.

But it was something completely different from what you hear today! It was my first work with Logic Pro X and I only used the stock sounds in a pretty poor way. It still sounded kinda nice and definitely unique. So much has happened since then. So many different versions and styles have shaped "Destiny" from ground of.

I'm thrilled to show everybody the result of my long work and mostlyI look forward to so much more music in the future!“